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A Renewable Energy Source Replacing Traditional Firewood

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Environmentally Friendly

Chemical Free

Cost Effective

Locally Sourced

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Burn A Perfect Fire Every Time

We started BioBurn to supply our customers with a clean-burning, always-delivered dry, sustainable alternative to traditional firewood or other manufactured fire logs. Conveniently delivered high-quality fire briquettes mean you can have a cozy, consistent fire every time. Customers love to use BioBurn Firebricks in their homes, at the campsite, for the wood stove or for commercial wood-fired ovens. Because BioBurn Firebricks are chemical-free, they are completely safe for cooking. Since they are sustainability made, you can feel good about using them all year round.

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Why You’ll Love Bioburn Firebricks

Environmentally Friendly

It burns hotter and more efficiently than firewood with 88% less carbon monoxide and 69% fewer particles, making it safer with less creosote build-up in your chimney.

Locally Sourced

Made with 100% kiln dry fir sawdust compressed into compact bricks using high pressure. Safe to use in wood-fired cooking stoves or roasting marshmallows at the campsite.

Chemical Free

Made with 100% kiln dry fir sawdust compressed into compact bricks using high pressure. Safe to use in all wood stoves/ fireplaces, wood-fired cooking stoves or roasting marshmallows at the campsite.

Cost Effective

Turning local sawmill waste into a convenient and easy alternative for wood stoves, fireplaces, and campfires so you can have the perfect fire anytime, at home, at work, or camping.

Creating A Firewood Alternative

The spark for launching BioBurn came after an unexpected and disappointing purchase of wet firewood. We decided there had to be a better solution than gambling for quality firewood each time we wanted to light the stove, sit in front of a warm hearth, or enjoy a relaxing campfire. After discovering firewood briquettes, our founder grew BioBurn into a thriving local business, serving customers all over Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands, and the Lower Mainland. 

Available on a pallet containing 95 packages of 12 Firebricks or In a bulk bag containing 1000 loose Firebricks and delivered right to your door, you can enjoy BioBurn Firebricks all year round. Our firewood briquettes are made entirely from locally sourced materials. We use the sawdust waste from a local sawmill on Vancouver Island to create high-quality firewood briquettes. As long as you store your firebricks away from rain, snow, and moisture, they’ll be ready to use at any time. The BioBurn team is here to answer your questions and process your orders swiftly and accurately, so you can enjoy better fires sooner.

The Word Around The Fire

“Very handy to have a compact supply delivered. Comes with weather proof large plastic bag that drapes over the pallet. AND… took 2 of us just over half an hour to stack the bricks in our shed. They burn slowly, evenly – no smoke.”


“We purchased two pallets of Bio-Burn, which is equivalent to 4 cords of wood. … By switching to Bio-Burn we have found we have the same consistent heat as with the logs. If we want a nice atmosphere of flames in the fireplace we simply turn the damper to high or otherwise we leave it at low for constant moderate heat. We probably burn a little more Bio-Burn than the average person would because of the size of our home but when we consider the cost savings, the lack of mess and time saved it is well worth it.”


“They burn slow enough that I pop two in before bed and am warm until morning in these wet BC fall temps. It’s super nice to not be concerned about sparks, and the level of heat that’s produced is hotter than any firewood I’ve experienced thus far. Spencer is also a delight to communicate with and is very accommodating.”



Have questions? We have answers! Here are our most frequently asked questions and everything you need to know about them.

What are the dimensions of a pallet?

A pallet is 40” wide x 48” deep x 44” tall. A bulk bag is delivered on the same size pallet but is approximately 60” tall.

What are the dimensions of each brick?

A BioBurn FireBrick is roughly 3” tall x 2.5” wide x 6” long.

How soon after I place the order will I receive delivery?

During peak season (October-March) deliveries are usually made within seven days of an order being placed. North Island and some Gulf Islands may experience a slightly longer lead time. You can contact us anytime to check the status of your delivery. During the quieter season (April-September), deliveries are made to each area once there are a minimum of 4 pallets sold in that particular area.

Do I need to be home for the delivery?

If you are not going to be home to receive your delivery, your pallet or bulk bag will be left in your driveway (or carport if requested), covered with a thin plastic liner to protect the delivery from rain damage. This plastic liner is only to be used temporarily to protect the product until you arrive home, at which time the product should be moved into a more adequate storage area where it is off the ground and covered from the elements.

Can the bricks be stored in a traditional wood shed or in my car port?

The plastic-wrapped packages, which you receive when ordering a pallet, are safe to be stored outdoors under cover as long as they do not have any direct contact with water/rain or snow. When purchasing a bulk bag of loose bricks, it is recommended that the bricks be stored inside, as there is no plastic packaging to protect the bricks from ambient moisture in the air.

How long does a brick burn?

There are far too many variables to give a definitive answer. When used as directed, (watch this video), you will get better results with firebricks compared to traditional cordwood.