Product Terms and Conditions

Bio Burn Ventures LTD. Is not responsible for any moisture related issues with the wood briquettes once your order has been delivered. Our product cannot get wet, and they must be stored in a dry area which is protected from any direct contact with moisture. When purchasing briquettes on a pallet, the packages are wrapped in a thick plastic, this plastic will protect the briquettes from the ambient moisture in the air however it will not protect them from rain or direct water contact. When purchasing briquettes in a bulk bag, it is suggested that the bags or the individual bricks are stored in a climate-controlled environment as the unprotected briquettes can and will absorb moisture from the ambient air.

Bio Burn Ventures LTD. Does not provide refunds if you are unsatisfied with the product. The video in the link below contains detailed instructions on how to effectively burn firewood briquettes, if the steps in this video are followed, you will get excellent results from the briquettes (better than regular cord wood). . If you feel there is an issue with the firewood briquettes you may contact us at anytime with your questions or concerns. On the very rare occasion, there could be an issue with the production of the briquettes, in this instance, we will work with you and ensure you receive a replacement pallet or bag at a highly discounted rate (delivery charge only).

Bio Burn Ventures LTD. Is not responsible for any damage or potential issues with a customer’s wood burning appliance. Much like burning unseasoned or Kiln Dried wood, your wood burning appliances manufactures warranty may become void when burning firewood briquettes.


Delivery Terms and Conditions

Deliveries are made based on the number of orders received in each area. 1 day prior to your delivery you will receive a delivery notification and a copy of the invoice which needs to be paid upon delivery.

Unless you are ordering 4+ pallets or bags to the same address, we are unable to meet specific delivery day/time requests. If you are not going to be home to receive your delivery, your pallet or bulk bag will be left in your driveway (or carport if requested), covered with a thin plastic liner to protect the delivery from rain damage. This plastic liner is only to be used temporarily to protect the product until you arrive home, at which time the product should be moved under cover into a more adequate storage area.

Please note- After 8 hours post delivery- We can not be held responsible for any damage caused by water. If you do arrive home and find your order has gotten wet, you must contact us right away by phone @ 2508917309.

During the peak season (October – March) typical deliver wait times are 1-7 days for central (Parksville / Qualicum) and southern Vancouver Island (Nanaimo South) as well as Salt Spring Island. North island and other gulf islands sometimes take 2-4 weeks as we only make trips to each area when there are at least 4 pallets or bags ordered for each area. Wait times during the nonpeak season can be 2-4 weeks as well. If at anytime you wish to know the status of your order, please contact us by email @ .

Bio Burn Ventures LTD. Provides a driveway delivery service. In the rare occasion our truck or equipment is unable to navigate your driveway, your order will be left curbside at the entrance to your driveway. When providing our standard delivery service, your pallet or bag will be left in your driveway. When possible, we will do our best to place your pallet in a garage or carport if requested. Please note that we do not hand stack the product as part of our standard delivery service. If you wish to have the product re stacked in a woodshed or garage, there will be a $25 per pallet fee for hand stacking. This service is only available when purchasing pallets and must be indicated on the order form upon placing your order.

Bio Burn Ventures LTD. Is not responsible for any property damage while delivering your order. Driveways must be a minimum of 10’ wide and have no overhead obstructions lower than 15’. Occasionally we are requested to drive onto a customer’s lawn to complete the delivery- our driver may choose to do so however, as mentioned above we will not be held responsible for any damage.


Payment Terms

The evening prior to your delivery you will receive a copy of your invoice. This invoice is payable at time of delivery (or upon receiving the invoice by e transfer). If you are not home at time of delivery, you may pay via e transfer once you arrive home. Payment is expected to be made within a maximum of 24 hours of receiving your delivery. Outstanding invoices will be sent to a collection’s agency if full payment has not been received within 14 days of receiving the order.

All invoices can be paid by Cash, Cheque or E Transfer (E transfer preferred). We may accept credit card payments, if choosing to pay by credit card all additional processing fees will be added to the total amount owing.