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If you are not going to be home to receive your delivery, your pallet or bulk bag will be left in your driveway (or carport if requested), covered with a thin plastic liner to protect the delivery from rain damage. This plastic liner is only to be used temporarily to protect the product until you arrive home, at which time the product should be moved under cover into a more adequate storage area.

Please note- After 8 hours post delivery- We can not be held responsible for any damage caused by water. If you do arrive home and find your order has gotten wet, you must contact us right away by phone @ 2508917309.


Additional Info

Storing your product:

Firebricks do not require indoor heated storage however they do require to be stored out of the rain and can not have any direct contact with water. They can be stored in a typical woodshed as long as it is fully protected from the rain and elevated off the ground (on a pallet or wood blocks). We do not recommend leaving the pallet covered by a tarp in the outside elements as condensation or moisture soaking through the tarp may cause damage to the fire bricks.

Burning your Firebricks: 

For best results and to maximize the burn time of your firebricks we suggest loading the firebricks into the wood stove as close together as possible. Also, if you have not changed the door seal on your wood stove in a few seasons, we suggest doing this. A well sealed wood stove will improve its efficiency greatly, with regular wood or firebricks.

Please see the video link below which provides accurate info on lighting and heating your home using firewood bricks.

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